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Artist Starr Wilde creates everything you need for your alter ego:

Bags & Purses; Binoculars/Opera Glasses; Canes- including telescope canes and ones that break down; Clocks; Crossbows-Wrist Gauntlets; Fans; Garters-Arm & Leg for Men and Women; Gauntlets & Bracers (including Vegan options); Gloves; Goggles & Glasses; Hats & Helmets; Home Décor- including Christmas Ornaments & Wreaths; Jewelry- Bracelets, Cufflinks, Earrings- Clips & Pierced, Necklaces, Pins/Brooches, Rings, Tie Tacks & More; Masks; Parasols; Pocketwatches; Purses; Ray Guns; Skirt Lifters; Stockings/Thigh Highs; Tea Duelling Supplies (or Dueling for the Americas) (including Vegan options); Top Hats- Mini & Full; Umbrellas; Watches; Weaponry; Wings and More.

Starr can also repair your precious jewelry, restring pearls, change pierced earrings to clips and clips to pierced, etc. She can also work with you to design a custom piece of jewelry, hat, or weaponry just for you. Or she can customize any piece we currently have in stock such as adding a veil to a hat etc. Call or email for an appointment. 

Visit our store: Steampunk Fortress.

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Collection list

Collection list

Bags & Purses: Belt Bags

9 products

Earrings: Silver Pierced

50 products

Garters: Arm, Leg, Flask, Cap Guns

50 products

Gloves: New and Vintage -Mass Produced

23 products

Hats: XS Top Hats

33 products

Necklaces: Gold

50 products

Props & Hand Held Items: Sonic Screwdrivers

16 products

Rings: Silver

50 products

Steampunk Weaponry: Crossbows Gauntlets

11 products

Steampunk Weaponry: Ray Guns

19 products

Tea Dueling: Tea Cup Sets in Holsters

12 products

Vintage Ladies Collection

50 products