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Ahhh...you found the WORKING Pocketwatches...yes, most of our job is taking them apart but so many people kept asking about working ones...we finally caved...here are a wide selection of working pocketwatches including Ribs, Gears and Doctor Who Police box and Gallifrey which looks VERY steampunk...
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Bincoulars/Opera Glasses; Canes- Skulls, Diving Helmets, Mermaids, and including Telescope canes and ons that break down into 3 pieces; Doctor Who Dr Sonic Screwdrivers; Fans; Gloves; Parsols; Pocketwatches; Potion Bottles; Skirt Lifters; Stockings/Thigh Highs; Umbrellas; Watches; More. And Custom Bespoke orders always welcome.