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Steampunk Fortress, home of Starr Wilde Steampunk Designs. We make all manner of Steampunk implements and decorations. We also make Bespoke pieces. Feel free to contact us for movies or television props and jewelry pieces as well. We can custom make your ideal piece. Just give us a call.
Artist Starr Wilde creates everything you need for your alter ego:

Bags & Purses; Binoculars/Opera Glasses; Canes- including telescope canes and ones that break down; Clocks; Crossbows-Wrist Gauntlets; Fans; Garters-Arm & Leg for Men and Women; Gauntlets & Bracers (including Vegan options); Gloves; Goggles & Glasses; Hats & Helmets; Home Decor; Jewelry- Bracelets, Cufflinks, Earrings- Clips & Pierced, Necklaces, Pins/Brooches, Rings, Tie Tacks & More; Masks; Parsols; Pettipants; Pocketwatches; Purses; Ray Guns; Skirt Lifters; Stockings/Thigh Highs; Tea Duelling Supplies (or Dueling for the Americas) (including Vegan options); Top Hats- Mini & Full; Tutus/Skirts; Umbrellas; Watches; Weaponry; Wings and More.